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At Riverpath Counseling, our mission is to be the support system that you need. We are able to follow through with this mission by providing an array of counseling services for you to choose from that promote a healthy and successful lifestyle. Browse our selection of counseling sessions and find the one that best suits your needs. We’re ready to provide you the support and guidance you seek.

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Welcome To Riverpath Counseling

Welcome to Riverpath Counseling! We are a husband and wife team of professional counselors here in the Stapleton area of Denver, ready to help you (that’s us in the picture!). We value the power and importance of relationships, and that is seen within our practice. Because this holds such a strong value in our team, we offer free consultations so that we, together, can determine which of our counseling services is right for you. By creating a personal relationship with you, we can provide you with all of the support and help that you need to calm the emotional chaos, and the challenges, that you’re struggling with.

We Offer a Wide Range of Services

As a team, we are able to provide assistance with a wide range of concerns, including: anxiety, depression, grief, loss of family or a friend, relationships, communication, eating disorders, alcohol- and drug abuse, and more. Learn more about the different areas that we can cover with you by visiting our services page.

An Unbeatable Duo

When we combine these things — our education and our relationships with you — we are better able to offer you high-quality counseling. If you’re ready for more insight on your current situation, we are ready to help you find hope and relief from the weight on your shoulders.

Find us in Stapleton (Denver), on the corner of 29th and Havana Street.

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About Riverpath Counseling

What makes us the best

Learn more about the husband and wife team that is capable of providing you with the guidance and support you need. We both have different backgrounds and can provide you with a relationship that you trust and feel comfortable with. See what separates us from the rest, here.

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Life provides us with endless challenges. Whether it be a situation that you’re dealing with at home, at school, at work or in a relationship, we can help. Learn more about the various counseling services that we offer and let us help determine which session will be best for you.

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Life is lived in one direction — forward. Get started today on tackling the problems that you let rest on your shoulders. It takes one choice to start changing your tomorrow, and that choice is counseling. Call today to schedule your counseling appointment at Riverpath Counseling today.