Winter can be hard on you emotionally. Understandably, there are many different reasons why you may be feeling the winter time blues this year, and it’s nothing out of the ordinary. The leading therapists in Stapleton have had a lot of success helping people understand that the winter time blues are only temporary, and that there are plenty of things you can do to start thinking positively once again. Catch up reading the first four ways to embrace winter and not let the blues get you down. Here is our fifth way to beat out the winter blues.

  1. Avoid binge drinking. Although a nice cold beer can do the mind good after a long day at work, binge drinking is not okay. Why? Many people turn to alcohol during the winter months when they start to feel down. Unfortunately, alcohol is a natural depressant, which can only make your depressive mood worse. One of the best ways to avoid getting depressed is by avoiding alcohol altogether; however, one beer or glass of wine won’t hurt. By definition, binge drinking is having five or more alcoholic drinks in one sitting. Additionally, the morning after you drink, not only will you feel sick and depressed, but you’ll be even more tired than you were the day before which can only negatively affect your life even more. This will make your winter time blues feel even worse than they once were.

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