Frequently Asked Questions

What to know when you’re looking for a counselor, whether in Stapleton (Denver) or Denver.


What is counseling really all about?
Counseling, sometimes also called “therapy”, is an exploration into understanding how you operate in your mind. It’s about helping you understand yourself better so that together, we can help you overcome issues that might be road blocks to you living the life you want. Whether these issues are personal, social, emotional or situational, through counseling we can help guide you where you want to be. Together, we’ll define goals and work towards them during our time together. We define goals so that we know what we’re working on and, also, so that you can have an objective way to measure your growth and healing. We pride ourselves on balancing the support and understanding that you need with the right amount of different perspective necessary to help you reach your goals. And if you’re not sure what those goals are, we’ll help you find them.
Who gets counseling?
Everyone and anyone who needs it should get counseling (but, hey, we’re biased). The old stigma of counseling or therapy being only for people who were dealing with significant mental illness is no longer true. In this day and age, people are expected to be more self-aware, more in tune with themselves and able to adapt to rapid-fire changes in our society. Counseling can benefit everyone who has the desire to change, grow or understand themselves. We have clients from every walk of life and we value their stories equally across the boundaries that society has drawn. If you’re wondering if counseling would benefit you, then the answer is probably “yes”. If you’re still unsure, you can always call us at (970) 370-7284.
Do you take my insurance? Why not?
We do not currently deal directly with insurance providers and most providers consider us “Out-of-Network”. For those of our clients who have insurance and would like to be reimbursed, we will gladly provide a reimbursement form, sometimes called a “Superbill” for you to submit. Most of our clients report great success in being reimbursed by their insurance companies. We do not accept insurance because insurance providers believe that our clients should fit specific treatment goals and outcomes, regardless of who they are. We recognize that you are an individual and, as such, it is important you are treated in the way deemed most helpful by and for you, not an insurance company.
What should I expect from the process?
From our counselors at Riverpath Colorado, you can expect the following:
Excellent care
Non-judgemental support
We are a family and will treat you with the warmth and regard that we treat our own family. Once you get into sessions with us, expect conversations in which we explore your life story together, helpful tools to benefit your life, and an ongoing evaluation of where you are and where you’d like to be. Beyond that, we will tailor our work to your specific needs and have many effective skills to help you.
Can counseling help me?
Absolutely. We can all benefit from personal growth and evaluation of our current life habits, thought patterns, past circumstances and situations. The process, however, largely depends upon your desire for growth. Unfortunately, we can’t make anything happen that you aren’t willing to be a part of, but when you are willing, great change can happen.

Common Concerns

What issues can you handle?
We have worked with clients across all ages, races, genders, sexuality, and religions. We have also experienced a wide variety of clinical concerns and have worked with them successfully. While we are comfortable handling most issues presented to us, there are times that we may find that a client needs intensive care that we cannot provide. In that instance, we will work with you to make sure you get connected to the best provider for you.
Am I the only one that experiences this? What if it’s embarrassing?
You are not alone. That’s something we would really like to emphasize here and for you to take away from reading this. You are not alone. We aren’t here to judge you or to criticize, but to help and support you. Over time, as we build our trust together, we will invite you to share sensitive information with us when you are comfortable doing so.
What are your hours and location? When can I come see you?

Currently, the therapists at Riverpath Counseling Colorado are accepting new clients in our Stapleton (Denver), Colorado offices.

Our appointment hours are:
Monday – Thursday: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Weekends and additional hours by special need. Telehealth options available, also.

How soon can you get in? Well, that all depends on your flexibility. The hours from 2 p.m. on fill up very quickly so there may be a wait. If you’re flexible with your schedule, we can probably get you started this week.

What if I need to see someone outside of your normal hours?
We understand that some people can’t make it to counseling inside the hours listed and have unique schedules. Please let us know what your schedule looks like so we can work together to find something that works.


Who knows what we talk about?
We know that it’s difficult enough to come in and share your personal life. We also know that it can take some time to build trust with a new person; it defeats the whole purpose of building that trust if you think that we’re sharing your personal business with other people. Your relationship with us and all of our communications are held in strictest confidence. There are only a few instances where we are required to share your information. If we think you are a significant threat to yourself or someone else, if we suspect child or elder abuse, if we get subpoenaed or court ordered by the legal system, or if you need an ambulance. As you begin your initial consultation with one of our counselors, these things will be explained again. We want to make sure we answer any questions you may have.
Are you HIPAA compliant?
Yes. We strive for the highest level of professionalism and care and, as such, follow HIPAA’s protocols for keeping your records secure and accounted for.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at admin@riverpathcolorado.com or call us at (970) 370-7284.