Finally! The seasons have changed and the sun is shining brightly. We have all been waiting for the hot sun to soak into our skin, giving us a little extra Vitamin D daily. Is this something you’ve been craving? If so, take a step outside, inhale deeply and know that all of your winter blues can be left behind, because it’s time for you to embrace the new season!

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In our previous posts, we gave readers many different ways to beat out the winter blues. Some of these ways included relaxing, avoiding alcohol and treating yourself to a much needed massage. However, there are two more ways to shake the blues while entering into the new, sun shining season: Embrace the season and reach out to friends.

Embrace the season.

Although winter has finally passed, some of you may still be experiencing the winter blues and making your adjustment into summer. We highly recommend that you embrace this new season for what is has to give. Enjoy the sunshine by taking long walks before work, during your lunch break of when you get home in the evening. You may even want to think about taking up a new hobby, such as golfing, taking your pup to the dog park or gardening.

Reach out to your friends.

Friends are gold. Whether you’re feeling social or not, it’s important to reach out to your friends. The power of friends and family, neighbors, mentors and even co-workers is much more powerful than you may first think. If you need a pick me up, give your friend a call! It’s okay to ask for a bit of encouragement when you need it the most.

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