Grief & Loss Counseling

Healing. Wholeness. Restoration.

Working through grief can be an extremely trying time. We’re still expected to move our lives forward while simultaneously dealing with the hurt of a major loss. People in your life have probably tried to help support you in some way but often fall short; maybe even you are unsure of how best to help yourself. For these reasons, we offer grief counseling. We’re trained to help you sort through the confusing and difficult emotions related to your loss.

Experiencing loss is an inevitable fact of life and yet the hurt often times affects us more than we expected. There may be feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, or confusion and there are a lot of myths surrounding how to grieve, what the process looks like, and how long it should take; these myths limit us from grieving in the way that we need. You may have already tried dealing with it on your own, reading books about the process, or have tried to avoid it all together; whatever it is, you aren’t feeling better in a way that you would like.

Grief and loss are not just something we can handle but a specialty of ours here at Riverpath Counseling Colorado and we are here to share that expertise with you in order to help you heal and reorient yourself to life. Come in for a free consultation and talk to someone who understands and can guide you along the path.