Anxiety is a real and serious issue that many individuals face daily. If you’re an individual who faces anxiety day-in and day-out, this blog is for you. The therapists here at Riverpath Counseling in Stapleton, CO understand that anxiety can take hold of you. It can destroy your friendships and even your relationship with your spouse, if you don’t learn how to cope. So, in order to help you relax and cope with your anxiety, the leading couples therapy team, Alex and Melissa Michaud, have some great ways for your to reduce your anxiety NOW.

cta-box29 Ways to Instantly Reduce Your Anxiety

  1. Take a deep breath. If you feel anxiety setting in, it’s time to pause and take a deep breath. Deep diaphragmatic breathing is essential in calming your anxiety and it’s a technique that scientists have proven to activate the body’s relaxation response, providing you a bit of much needed anxiety relief.
  2. Accept that you are feeling anxious. If you’re feeling anxious, don’t try to ignore it. Accept the fact that you are anxious. It’s critical to do this because your body will begin to understand that you can handle it. It is tolerable, you just need to learn how to work through it. The reality is that if you’re feeling anxious; accept it and understand that anxiety is not intolerable and begin to take steps to relieve it further.

Still fighting your anxiety?

We invite you to contact the leading couples therapy team in Stapleton today to learn more tactics to fight off anxiety that is ultimately ruining your relationships and your own life. But don’t go too far, because we have more tips on how to instantly reduce your anxiety in our upcoming post! Stay tuned.